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AbsoluteDomains is owned and managed by Medusa Red Limited, who have been established since 1998 and who aim to provide you with the most efficient and reliable internet services at the best possible prices. At AbsoluteDomains our team is dedicated to providing the Internet community with the tools they need to establish their presence on the web.

We believe that quality does not have to bear a huge price tag, and that our services should be available to everyone. This is why AbsoluteDomains offers fast and reliable domain name registration, to suit the needs of both individuals and businesses alike. AbsoluteDomains is dedicated to this philosophy, which is evident from the services that we offer - our domain name registration is provided at highly competitive prices and the registration process itself is quick, easy and secure.

There are over 300 million people worldwide who have access to the internet and this figure is increasing daily. At AbsoluteDomains we will adapt our products to suit this growth and continue to serve the web community by providing low cost quality internet services.

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